Pemphigus vulgaris virus

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what is pemphigus vulgaris

What is PV?

Pemphigus vulgaris (PV) is a rare condition that causes blisters to develop on the skin and on the lining of the mouth. 

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pemphigus vulgaris signs and symptoms

What are the signs & symptoms of PV?

PV blisters typically start in the mouth and may also spread to the skin after several months

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pemphigus vulgaris causes

How is PV diagnosed

PV is diagnosed by a specialist dermatologist who will assess your symptoms and arrange tests to confirm if it is PV.

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pemphigus vulgaris

How is PV treated?

PV can be effectively managed by reducing the body’s immune response. The goal of treatment is to prevent new blisters forming and to help existing lesions to heal.

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